How to get your ex boyfriend back when he has new girlfriend

How to get your ex boyfriend back CarIf you broke up with your boyfriend definitely there was something wrong that didn’t work at that time so the first thing to do is to ask yourself why it happened and what would be the remedy. Usually girls are more sentimental than boys so they do care a lot when they get a boyfriend and suffer a lot when they break up with him. 90 % of the girls want their boyfriend back and they just don’t know what to do. They definitely don’t have to sit and wait for miracles to happen, in most cases boys get new girlfriends just to make their ex ones jealous and they end up in a new relationship.

Find out how to get your Ex Boyfriend Back

It is really hard to get back someone when is already involved in a new relationship. Women all like to play hard and none of them will quit just because of the taste of winning. So what you can do when your ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend is be close to him as a friend, try to be nice about his new girlfriend. If you are smart, you will think you know him already and what are his weak points and each couple has fights once in a while, so even if it sounds mean, is time to be around especially when life is not so pink. Where it was fire it will always remain ashes, you will always be part of his memories and what you can do is make new ones with him even if as friends. You can help him in different things, he will definitely appreciate, but try not to change yourself just because you want him back. Be same you, that’s why you two were involved in a relationship in the past. Then you can suddenly disappear for a little while, this way you will see if he will feel you are missing or not, is one of the best method and if he will call you or look for you it is worth it trying to get him back, otherwise is just a waste of time.

You can always put several tests around and give him the chance to chose between you and his girlfriend for several activities, don’t force him to chose something, this is just for you to evaluate his choices. Don’t try to push anything, let things go normal, sometimes ask for his help, try to talk for different holidays and always be around for good things. If you see his relationship is going very well, it is time to leave him and let life work for you, nothing happens by mistake and it means there is something better waiting for you. In time you will learn to be more permissive and understand the differences between men and women but is good you are doing this before marriage, lots of people divorce because they haven’t experience life enough so try to learn something from each experience that you have, good or bad they all have different lessons to give.

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